BIG KIDS / PHASED OUT – friends don’t die CDR, Blueberry Honey




“A reissue of the legendary cassette from 2009. Each of these amazing shredding HC / SK8R combos ruled, and it was totally “family -style.”. This was truly an apex for a short moment of BRATTLEBORO’s music history. PHASED OUT was KYLE THOMAS, OPIE MILLET, SKY VOLZ, and ANTOINE GUERLAIN, the rare live show sometimes also had SQUASH on flying V. In a small town it takes a while for kids who are always hanging out with each other to realize they need to be a band. And even more crucial to a scene is that when these kids finally do become a band, they burn it fast; and flameout. The very forming of PHASED OUT signaled that these dudes were done with the town. It was 2009, they all had one more thing to do, and it ruled! The fact that at the very same time a band came together that could take these dudes on in terms of pure energy and classix hardcore and punk moves was more than this little town could take. BIG KIDS managed to keep that burn going a little longer, in front of a few more people, and made you believe again. Here’s a BIG KIDS set.”