BILL NACE – too dead for dreaming one-sided LP, 8mm




“debut vinyl album by contemporary electric guitar wizard bill nace, ‘too dead for dreaming’ begins in the form of a deconstructed blues piece, slowly exploring the territories of atonal composition, string-scraping and feedback, crashing all these styles in an instinctive, personal way. his affiliations with x04, northampton wools and vampire belt converge here in a unique flux. bill’s ability in creating sounds, follows a clear logic of ‘construction of tension’ that eventually explodes into pure sonic mayhem (part 2) then switching the attention from your blowing ears into new, obscure tonalities, with a spectral meditation that develops in the last part of the album and mirably closes the circle. it’s all here: one man, one guitar. a bulldozer. one-sided lp, limited to 200 copies, hand printed and numbered”