BROTHER JT – maybe we should take some more? CD, Birdman




“Combining the classic trappings of ’60s psychedelic guitar rock with an eccentric spirituality, Brother JT records are deep, penetrable and seek to entertain. He has racked up a multitude of impeccable releases on a multitude of independent record labels with impeccable taste. His palette expands with each passing release. Heavy pop, thick with guitars, thumping drums and stoned, tremulous melodies takes the listener on a trip through the complex patterns and designs that are unique to the mind of JT. From stretched-out zoner wail to agile, psychedelic strum, his body of work is singular, odd, outstanding and unimpeachable. It’s a pretty tall order to name a contemporary artist with enough panache to carry on the legacy of wrecked pop and what writer Byron Coley would call ‘Blieb Alien rock’ left behind by the likes of Syd Barrett, Roky Erickson, Skip Spence and sandbox-era Brian Wilson, but Brother JT is the only name worthy to stand alongside.”