CRUUDEUCES – dead hand CDR, For Noises Sake




“I like to think of drone music as an ocean, you can relax staring at it and after a while get bored, or you can dive into it and find a whole new world where get lost. Cruudeuces has been putting out amazing drone/noise sounds for quite a while, through some of his now defunct labels or self editing, and recently through his awesome Ghetto Naturalist Series label. In response to my request, the 36 min. long “Dead Hand” is less quiet and more noise oriented than other of his previous releases, with subaquatic basses, plenty saturation, crunchy electronics, wind squeals, slowed down voices, all of which takes you to a fascinating new world. Play it loud and dive in. Limited edition of 30 hand numbered copies. Laminated colored covers, with a colored collage insert and color print on disc.”