CRUUDEUCES – exile digs CASSETTE, Tape Drift




“From Western Mass comes Nathaniel Brennan’s cruudeuces project. We’ve known Brennan for awhile, loved his highly limited self-released tapes, and been floored by his live sets. All the murky and mysterious beauty that he’s come to be known for is on ample display here, as Brennan offers two incredible sidelong communications from his inner zones. There’s really no apt comparison to this music, but trust us ­ it’s heavy, gritty, hypnotic, organic and meditative all at the same time. This is his finest moment (yet), and it’s a huge special honor for us at Tape Drift to be able to release this. Electronics, tapes, vox, clarinets and other reeds are all in his arsenal, but cruudeuces makes you forget the what and how, just reveling in the sheer majesty of the sound world he creates. Art by Kieron Cropper.”