DIRE WOLVES – house of triangles CASSETTE, Psi Lab




“witchy overblown kosmische folk improv for fans of Pharoah Overlord, George RR Martin, Amon Duul, homebrew, Trad Gras och Stenar and twenty sided dice.” — HOUSE OF TRIANGLES offers two sidelong excursions like MV & EE’s freeform folk “environs” meets HIGH TIDE’s SEA SHANTIES bonehead prog meets BURNT HILLS scorched earth improvisation channeling BARDO PONDian heavy psych and the freaked out acid rock on EARLY STEPPENWOLF side two with a zonked interlude like PHAROAH SANDERS covers THE STOOGES “we will fall”, winding parallel to new weird american kosmische rethinkers HERBCRAFT, MENDOCINO and VON HIMMEL, but DIRE WOLVES blaze their own path, their own brand of west coast “free rock” intersecting the discographies of STUNNED, SLOOW and now PSI LAB – maybe that label triangulation alone can tell you everything you need to know about this band….edition of 50 copies”