FAMILY TREASURES – altars of ashes CASSETTE, Tape Drift




“Having witnessed Danny Moore absolutely mesmerize a roomful of listeners at Hampshire College this Fall with a virtuoso display on modular synth and bowed lap steel guitar, we knew the power in this project. A single piece in two parts, this is a sustained conversation between Connecticut’s Danny Moore on analog synth and guitar, and his guest on this tape, Jeffrey Shurdut on alto sax. Together these two tap directly into the cosmos, zapping brainwaves like there was no tomorrow. There’s a refreshing lack of cliché here, and Moore and Surgut emphasize the spacious and atmospheric as much as the fiery outbursts that might be expected. Sun Ra said it best, and it applies perfectly here – “cosmic tones for mental therapy”. Mastered by Steve Flato. Art by Kieran Cropper.”