ASHLEY PAUL - to much togethers CD, REL




“Over 2 years in the making, To Much Togethers is the follow up album to Ashley’s 2008 ‘D.O.L’ release. Patiently crafted and paced To Much Togethers continues on Ashley’s unique path of ‘song’ style. Combining clattering strings, (her custom green-box string set up), psycho acoustic sustain and decay, bowed metal, expressive saxophone, subtle and ear grabbing sense of color and distant voice all slowly creating mood and thought provoking miniatures, that succeed in fitting into no known forms. Lyrically focusing on surreal and repetitive images contrasted by both harsh aggressive textures with quite moving and spacious moments. Conflicting and deep energies and spaces seem to co-exist in Ashley’ world. To Much Togethers is a unique creation as Ashley moves deeper into her own individual realm, where she is truly on her own. As much as an audible experience as a visual. To Much Togethers is remarkably packaged featuring drawings by Gayle Paul (Ashley’s mother), whose intuitive creations compliment the feeling of the music. Custom assembled, and printed by Ashley Paul the striking ‘LP style’ red cover features multi layers of screening with a screen-printed black obi wrapped around the spine of the fold out cover. The inside features another screened drawing by Gayle Paul with a green w/ black over-layed CD hub. The left side features a glued black folder containing 2 more inserts with screen printed drawings w/ liner notes, a metallic paper insert in addition to a oval ‘wagtail’ sticker, with full color on CD printing. To Much Togethers is a limited edition of 300 copies and marks the 2nd full length album in REL’s limited CD series.”