ASTER - aster LP, REL




“Aster is the debut LP release by the duo of Ashley Paul and Eli Keszler. Having spent the last 3 years performing all over the northeast, they have developed a unique sound, combining the piercing high pitched resonance of Keszler’s bowed crotales and cymbals with altissimo sustains and drastic pitch bends of Paul’s alto saxophone and clarinet. The split tone combinations from these instruments is surprising and overwhelming, creating continuous, multi-layered, dense, shifting harmonics and intense inner-ear sound. Spinning discs, invented resonating metal configurations, bending reed tones, and voice interference carefully blend, creating a wild texture that is both harsh and striking . This is contrasted with Paul’s guttural string attacks, which meet the rapid-fire movement of Keszler’s low end bowed cymbals and jittery crash. This is a live document recorded to 4 track, with no sound modification. This LP is the first ‘official’ release in a planned series of releases by this long standing duo. Pressed on 160 gram copper plate pressed virgin vinyl with a black inner sleeve, the LP is housed in a textured paper cover that features a layered screen printed drawing. The inside contains grey pasted notes with an attached 8” x 25” 3 part multi-tone picture which has been printed across a fold-out frosted vellum book. All of this has been screen printed, drawn, and then hand assembled by Keszler and Paul. The record comes in a limited hand numbered edition of 300 copies.”