ASTER - rel016 one-sided LP, REL




“aster ‘rel016’ is the first release in the rel live series, which documents a show in boston from 2009. aster takes a different form in this set moving away from its distinct style of high pitch sustained overtone bends and song structure, pushing more towards a guttural blend of string scrapes and sustained tones in combination with an aggressive form of saxophone and drum textures. blending guitars, drums and horn with paul’s unique green box set up. the music moves slowly and steadily through different areas ending, with a sustained drum, string and saxophone section featuring an aggressive but oddly mellow texture and energy. ‘rel016’ is a one sided lp housed in a silk screened black cover with a metallic fold over paper with a unique laser die cut design. the inside has printed notes with the instrument details and information. this record is a one time limited pressing of 135 copies.”