BRENDAN MURRAY / PERISPIRIT - split LP, Semata Productions




“Semata Productions & Razors and Medicine are pleased to announce the first long playing record release of both Brendan Murray and Perispirit. Murray has been making waves around Boston, the USA, and the world since 1999. Perispirit, the collaborative project of Ricardo Donoso and Luke Moldof formed in late 2007, is known by their dynamic live performances and two cassette releases. Brendan Murray’s “Birches and Marksman’s Graves (Voice and Computer #1)” is a clear summation of his interest in controlled drones and gestural improvisation with a step into the unknown. Murray is always keen to transform and manipulate an instrument sound color to the point of non-recognition, utilizing a single source for this piece: the voice of Noell Dorsey. The piece opens with dissonant clusters, moving up and down generating momentum, keeping the music physical while still highly controlled. Vague hints of melody lie underneath the cracks trying to seep through but are swallowed up by the turbulence. It gradually gives way to extended technique vocalisms that call to mind sound poetry and at times even the Sprechstimme of Schoenberg. Later the swirling tones return with a combination of both the higher and lower pitch clusters. It sounds like falling infinitely downward. Perispirit’s side offers a statement that is equally focused but bares little if any resemblance to Murray’s piece. It can be described as more active than their previous material, utilizing quick sectional transitions, relying on three key components: harsh noise, delicate melodic work, and degraded lo-fi manipulations. The piece begins with dynamic harsh cutups that pay attention to sound spacialization and stereo field manipulations inspired by the likes of Sickness and Pain Jerk. The momentum grows and is quickly brought down to almost nothing creating a feeling of aural blue balls. The process is resumed and then the piece breaks into looping guitar passages with a subtle electronic underpinning. The layers build than disappear. The noise returns building to a heightened peak of frustration until it drops off and we are left with the sound of lifeless monotony. Gradually a wall of drone begins to creep in and eventually overtakes all else. Edition of 250 pressed on 160 gram off white vinyl featuring full color LP jackets & labels; mastered by Kris Lapke.”