BROTHER JT3 - spirituals CD, Drag City




“It’s the second Brother JT3 release on good old Drag City, the second produced by Neil Michael Hagerty, as well (Neil co-produced Way To Go as part of Adam and Eve back in ’99). Brother JT wears a more complicated coat of colors on Spirituals than on Way To Go or previous Brother JT releases. The good Brother’s got some preaching to do, but in a sweetly melodic setting, with acoustic guitars ringing, flutes and recorders riffing, with liquid leads and gentle mid-tempos…it’s full-on sandals rock. You’ll find that JT’s crafted a stoner anthem in ‘Mellow’ – an instantly compelling tune with lyrics that just keeps knocking you out. There’s a few more of them on Spirituals as well as some other things that make Brother JT great, like lots of rock and roll, heavy religious moments, a jam, two traditional songs, more melodies, cultish weirdness and an air of grooviness that just won’t blow away. All without breaking its pure pop stride.”