DARA - dara one-sided LP, Ecstatic Peace




“Detroit/NYC guitarist, singer, songwriter, photographer, filmmaker, artist Dara was a member of His Name Is Alive for a few years. She was part of upstate NY based multi media performance art group Brown Cuts Neighbors doing films, playing drums, guitar, bass, vocals, keyboards, and guerilla street performance. She collaborated through the mail w/ Warren Defever on a project called Nu Grape. They have a CD available though Time Stereo. She had a group w/ Ron Asheton called Creature79. She worked w/ artist Steve Cerio on a project called Lettuce Little featuring members of the Residents. She now performs with husband Nick in a duo they call Laudanum. Her influences/interests range from Japanese noise bands/performers such as Masonna and Melt Bananna, jazz of Albert Ayler, Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, Coltrane. The Stooges, Neil Young, 80s hardcore bands, New wave, Harry Partch, artwork of Jackson Pollack. Hammer horror flicks. Film Noir. Spooky stuff. William Blake, William S Burroughs, Bukowski, Nietzche, Kathy Acker, Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, Slayer. The Ecstatic Peace record: All of it is Dara playing vintage Farfisa keyboards, Casio keyboards, guitar, radio. Recorded in Daras kitchen in 1997 on 4 trk. All artwork/photography by Dara. Album was heavily influenced by love of 80s synth pop and heartbreak. Like OMD, Depeche Mode and John Hughes films which she loved as an 80s teenager.”