DAVIS REDFORD TRIAD - blue cloud CD, Holy Mountain




“Like a long cloud that casts a shadow for miles, the Davis Redford Triad are a heavy group. Over three years in the making, Blue Cloud is a stupendous new effort by guitarist / engineer Steven Wray Lobdell (Sufi Mind Game / Faust) and leader of one of the preeminent power trios working today (see Code Orange). After the album’s subtle opener takes you to the noisy scraped loops and menacing guitar of ‘Violent Stupid Friend’ featuring The Baseball Astrologer with a ‘right on’ rant, you are taken to the screaming backwards ecstasy of ‘Loop 03.’ The album continues with heavy, guitar-based psychedelic jams (‘Temple of the Jaguar’) that overload the senses and a spacey improvisational piece (‘Mellowed for Over 80 Million Years’) that both centers the album and folds time, while allowing the rest to flow from a bizarre pop song (‘Bubble Wrap’) to the title track, which is the sonic equivalent of a cloud taking a day to pass through your world.”