DEAD MACHINES - london dungeon one-sided LP, Tovinator




“Waaaayyyy black in 2002 the Olson-O’Rourke duo jetted over the pond to meet Dylan and Karen in Brighton, hang for big D’s birthday, soak in the craggy UK atmosphere. Crazed Dylan held a weird show somewhere in London, at the KFDM’s dude club, with strange painted walls and a movable stage. Young traveler Big J’s eq blew up right before the gig, so DM had to share one electronic set-up and reeds, etc. Was a truly strange night, some punter kept yelling something at us, you can hear it on the record, but can’t tell what he’s yellin – but it doesn’t sound like a wish of good luck. Milch Grande and Dylan also played and I think that [sic] Goldie jammed as well.Here’s the DM set, an odd one for sure. Playable at any speed, color vinyl, edition of 200 with a live photo from the gig.”