DONNA PARKER - debutante LP, Twisted Village




“Donna Parker’s presence on the noise scene couldn’t be more terrifying or mesmerizing if she were a 400lb bunny rabbit. Boston native Mary Staubitz created this majestic persona at the turn of the century to showcase her consummate talents manipulating amplifier feedback and guitar pedals. Hot knobs blaze and speakers speak rapture when she performs in bars, clubs, and homes both publicized and clandestine. She often plays with co-conspirator Jessica Rylan as the surlier half of Secret Diary, an amplified noise duo that cracks your teeth but also makes you giggle. She can sneak her Traynor BLOC 100 onto a floor of unsuspecting patrons and rattle their glasses in between sets, but won’t blush at the spotlight either. This kitten has claws. “Debutante” is her debut LP, produced by Jessica Rylan.”