“Tilt is a special edition CD, marking the 10th release on REL. It is a reissue from an out of print CDR originally released on the UK based label Reverb Worship. A solo percussion outing, Tilt features an extra track added for the REL edition and is entirely remastered and reworked from the original. Tracked live with no electronics or modification in the winter of 2009, Tilt covers a wide area of sound from glistening, spinning crotales and stick and drum clusters to high pitched sustain and sympathetic vibration formations. All of this works together to create dense textural metal motion that piles on top of itself. Later moving to a low end, multi-bowed cymbal rumble then returning again to more angular areas. Special double digit design, Tilt features a ‘mini lp’ size, multi-layered silk screen cover on archival royal blue paper. The CD itself is housed in a fold out canary yellow silk screened booklet, with a vellum wrap around. Featuring multiple drawings by Eli, the inside contains notes on dark grey cardstock with full color CD printing. Released just prior to Keszler’s upcoming European solo tour, Tilt is a hand numbered one time edition of 300 copies which marks the beginning of REL’s new limited CD series.”