EMIL BEAULIEAU - moonlight in vermont LP, Ecstatic Peace




“Emil Beaulieau is the nom de plume of Ron Lessard, long regarded as the most significant arbiter of American noise music. As a record store owner and label boss (the infamous RRRecords) Ron has introduced to ravenous noise mongering appetites around the world the pitiless pleasures and perverto-platitudes of the most arcane and near-insane noise practitioners of the last 20 plus years. All along Ron has himself been an extremely influential and highly unique creator of noise music on both record and stage. His performances are legendary. With bizarre turntable machinations, a sweater-vest, tie and table-lamp Ron’s live show is a possessed demon dance to the relationship of normality and not-rightness. Moonlight In Vermont has long been considered, to those who were able to find it in CDR format, one of Emil Beaulieau’s most masterful documents. A recording due to be released by the inimitable Hanson records in 2004, it’s production gone awry, it was put into the Ecstatic Peace release schedule in late 2005 and again got tied-up in an unforgiving production morass. The details are ridiculous in retrospect but Ron’s original cover concept of a minimal white lettering on black jacket got skabibbled and resulted in Ron creating hand-made cut n’ paste collage covers. Every LP is it’s own work of art and each is stunning. 500 are for sale and not only is this LP one of the great noise listens of the age but it’s an amazing and singular visual document of a mind dedicated to danger.”