FAT DAY - iguanadonaland LP, Spirit of Orr




“The long awaited, and only slightly discussed sixth album from Fat Day called Iguanadonaland. A work worthy of being their capstone, an amassing of all Fat Day concepts and ideas. Ideas that needed to be woven into the fabric of the music, an effort that took time to balance… to prepare correctly for the ages. And since Fat Day understands that the magic is in the follow-through, these ideas are fully realized, and fully in effect. This project became a four-year journey into a slanted concept record. It was first described to me as a ‘sort of parallel Atlantis story for lizards. . . them that this planet belongs to.’ It is a story that could only be conspired by four close friends who have spent the past 15 or so years locked in deep commune with each other and their four unique visions. Working together with all of the experimenting and learning, to pass along a message to the future of ‘what happened here.’ Because contained here in these grooves is also what will be the final exhibit from Fat Day. If you miss out on it, perhaps you will never know what was missed. I would warn that by opening yourself to this, you will be charged with a powerful, inspiring, and real element. Raw, pure, beautiful.”