FOSSILS FROM THE SUN - forever came today CDR, Tape Drift




“An essential part of the ffts puzzle, this release shows yet another side to the multi-faceted body of work that Ray Hare (Century Plants, Burnt Hills, Twilight of the Century, etc) is carving out for us. The purity of intent, sharp focus, and mood are remarkable here as Ray delivers the goods on this stunning guitar-focused record. Hypnotic and haunting motifs fade in and out, the ghost of Spacemen 3 are summoned, feedback trails gently coaxed into existence, and the result is a deeply satisfying and addictive reminder of why the electric guitar remains a mainstay of modern music. This one harkens back to the Hare’s solo debut (TD06) in its relatively narrow palette ­ just electric guitar and effects. With his inimitable tone and sense of space, he takes the simplest of tools and uses them to sculpt incredibly gorgeous pieces of sound that will lodge in your memory. Cover collage art by Thomas Lail, with vellum inserts and inner photo by Mark Lunt.”