GAMECOCK - all right, hen? LP, Golden Lab




“Originally released on Gary War’s Fixed Identity imprint on cassette in 2011 and then reissued by Beartown in 2013, again on cassette, this is the highlight of the three Gamecock albums recorded at the beginning of the decade. This new version features amazing new X-rated Ren & Stimpy artwork by Glasgow based artist Susan Fitzpatrick as well as the original Fixed Identity art on the insert – also for adults-only. Here’s a slightly twerked version of the original Fixed Identity write-up. Duo of Stuart Arnot (Smear Campaign/Plum Slate) and Nick Mitchell (Chalaque/Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura). They play a kind of arrhythmic, un-danceable funk of high-end frequencies and low-end drum machines, fed through a wah-wah and rammed forcefully into the listener’s cerebral cortex. Pitch-shifted Casio crap and unadorned Roland Juno shimmer are melded to form what is at once both sweet and listenable and yet still, somehow, horribly repellant. Sitting somewhere uncomfortably, painfully and way away from the hypnogogic pop bandwagon, where the drum machines have bronchitis and the synthesizers sneeze, they are brutally loud, joyfully all-consuming and epic in their prolongation of the crescendo. Edition of 250 copies.” – Golden Lab

“Buffeted to the point of concussion by filters and effects, their drum machines and Casio and Juno synths babble and sputter with an irregularity that feels perversely conversational. In case you’re starting to feel comfortable, “Rollercoaster Dentistry (As The Door Opens)” evokes a Marathon Man-like encounter with stabbing high frequencies.” – the Wire