GANG GANG DANCE - gang gang dance CD, Fusetron




“Gang Gang Dance are a group composed of well-known entities (in and around NYC in particular) but have left a sporadic, almost shadowy, impression upon people nonetheless. Various members play/have played in various other bands. Theyll surface to play a clutch of shows, most all well-attended, only to disappear again (as regards to any kind of reliable congregation). Oh, and theres also been no record to speak of, save a 100-copy CD, more or less fleetingly manifested for an art event with probably somewhere that amount of attendees. Anyways, now we have a document and thankfully definitely a good one. The opening female vocal ululations soon enough refract electronically, and the summoned whalesong dimension spires into an urgent metempsychotic groove. Coming as they do from different angles, its safe to assume there is humanity to the postproduction approach on here. Indeed the first side in its totality achieves a narrative facility which, when sized up against the nature of its parts, could remind one of a more quietly-alloyed Chrome. It does not end there, in fact there is something of a sense of unfinished business, and the second side strikes off with a snapping dream of desert suspense. Machinic industry rises up here too though, marking yet another salient entre into the crafted spuriousness GGD seek to espouse. An open drone fills for much of the half, accumulating a lyric denouement that possesses overtures toward melody and texture but less toward propulsive mien. Again, and as always with this outfit, not so fast, especially in assuming the accumulation will not build anew, and fairly dramatically, before the end. And it is when it in fact does that sadly deceased member Nathan Maddox joins the fray most obviously, his vox working up the Can-like lather along with the suddenly more brash (especially after the subdued interlude) compatriots, everything spiking up to the sendoff digitized muezzin wail.” – Dan Hougland