HUMONGOUS - miniature pinschers LP, Black Velvet




“Conjure Captain Beefheart & The B-52’s grafting-bones on stage at the county fair. Grease-up a chalked-out airbrush-portrait of The Cherry Blossoms & Erase Errata on a fish fry date. Confound dance moves formed when Mr. Quintron feeds amphetamines to a young King Kong. Now forget all of that. The extant sounds of Humongous’ “Miniature Pinschers” are soiled by the gnarled roots of American Oddball-Classicism, something utterly lacking in much of today’s music. They also breathe the fresh breath of INFECTIOUS FUN into music that effortlessly straddles the age old pendulum trains of tradition and innovation, of stomp and swerve, of brain and heart, of chops and guts, of logic and visceral-intuition. One of Louisville’s best kept secrets for over a decade, this debut proper release by HUMONGOUS has finally come to fruition. LP comes with free digital download code.”