INCA ORE WITH LEMON BEAR’S ORCHESTRA - the birds in the bushes CD, 5 Rue Christine




“In late 2005 Inca Ore met Lemon Bear and the duo rented a cabin on the Oregon Coast and made The Birds in the Bushes. Dodging fierce storms and gloomy heaves, the duo improvised for hours and hours daily in January 2006, building the skeletons for the songs that are the body of the 5RC album. Lemon Bear is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Oakland, a musician living in total obscurity in his devotion to music and obsessive practice. Inca Ore and Lemon Bear cooked up a special and private kind of magic for this album. The music is the sound of a pact of belief, a belief in the sounds people make as individuals and the effervescence of the beautiful friction between devoted artists. The Birds in The Bushes is a salutation from two people who plucked each other from a canyon of static and invented a pigment which is the pinkish blush, a greeting which is a defiant fingerprint on the sheen of the mundane and lukewarm.”