JEFFERSON PITCHER - now the deer CDR, Tape Drift




“Long overdue for release, this sublime disc is perhaps the single most beautiful item in the TD catalog. Pitcher has a long history in music, playing with Christian Kiefer and many others over the years, but this is surely a landmark career high point. It’s certainly the kind of record others would dream about making, but never achieve. Aided with incredible subtlety and finesse by a handful of musicians (including Mike Bullock and Kiefer), Pitcher has created what can only be defined as a masterpiece. It’s that good. Inspired by a year spent living in Spain, this recording captures a magic that is both intangible and joyous in its beauty. Guitar is the central focus, but his partners lend so much to the overall sound and communicate so well that it feels like they’ve been playing together for decades. Never busy, Pitcher leaves room for every note to breathe, and weaves each unique thread in the record together as only a master can do. Words fail when trying to describe music this powerful. Each disc is housed in a heavy brown paper inside a vellum envelope and has a unique photograph taken by Pitcher while in Spain.”