JEFFERSON PITCHER - to light the snow CDR, Tape Drift




“Second Tape Drift outing from this amazing guitarist, and we could not be more thrilled with the results. A solo recording from the depth of winter, isolated in rural Canada. Resulting from a process-oriented project (improvising every Sunday for a set period of time, coupled with a companion piece of writing for each track), this one goes deep in its unique exploration of prepared guitar, tumbling overtones, chord relationships, hushed ambience, and sheer beauty. All tracks were improvised in one take, with no editing or overdubs. Pitcher’s full command of the instrument is never at question, and his tone is instantly recognizable as his own. Yet there’s no need to show off here – these thoughtful forays into particular moods/themes are gorgeous, compelling, and highly addictive. Comes with Pitcher’s original companion essays as a booklet. A fascinating and very intimate window into the mind of one of today’s most essential improvising guitarist.”