JENNY GRAF SHEPPARD - the guitars project LP, Boxmedia




“Jenny meets with elders who have alzhiemers and works with them on their chops. They play guitars / captured and composed by Jenny . This Project attempts to find new ways to define value for the older woman…two very powerful yet disparate signs in American culture – the older woman and the electric guitar – were given a chance to form a relationship, one that involved frustration, discomfort, joy, expression, communication, shared experience, and for many of these women, new definitions of self. In Iconic Distortions, the sounds produced by the women have been manipulated, looped, distorted and mixed, offering a re-animation of what they created using the guitar. It offers a map of suggested connections, imagined and real. It is a fantasy portrait of the group, one that aims to present possibilities, not reality. And, as the vinyl picturedisc suggests, with its idealized portrait of Alice with her guitar, and Eleanor in sonic reverie, it is about using the medium of revolutions-per-minute to intervene in the production of a new icon.”