JULIE MITTENS - julie mittens CD, Holy Mountain




“The Julie Mittens are a Dutch power trio who specialize in extended improvisation at extreme volume. Inspired by John Coltrane’s The Olatunji Concert: The Last Live Recording and the knowledge that Fushitsusha has more to do with Thelonius Monk than Blue Cheer, guitarist AART-JAN SCHAKENBOS, bassist MICHAEL VAN DAM, and drummer LEO FABRIEK consistently wreak havoc with lavish, textural, speaker-blowing meltdown jams; they surge with psychedelic power and a stellar rhythm section on the four studio recordings here. “A kind of spiritual anarchy surfaces through the distorted bedlam, illuminating a full spectrum of frequencies which gives their most feverish moments the effect of coma-inducing psychical bliss landing somewhere between head banging and catatonia. These guys take it to edge and then push further out until there is literally no physical place left to go. Intense and just brilliant.”