LESLIE KEFFER - feels like frenching LP, Ecstatic Peace




“When Leslie Keffer lived in Athens, OHIO she was asked about the noise scene there. “You’re looking at it”, she responded. Indeed. Leslie is one of the more fascinating proponents of homegrown Middle America noise music. A single girl drawn to the more ravaged and magical aspects of noise as source music, art and lifestyle. She has since moved to Nashville where she has been developing and progressing her personal take on what is basically a highly marginal genre of music. Her inputs are radio transmission wave-noise, the living aura of Lindsay Lohan, punk, pop, Madonna, her amazing girlfriends and defiltering the terror of male-centric Power Electronic depravity and goon-ism. Her last two No Fun festival performances, in duo with Thurston Moore in 2006, and the Noise into dance beat into ‘Where’s The Party’ slumber party freak out where all the noise girls fem-exorcised an already somewhat de-clawed noise misogynist is already legendary. Leslie’s sound has been heard on various cassette labels (Rampart, Gameboy, I Just Live Here, Epicene, Cherried-out Merch) and most recently her own imprint Action Claw. She has issued a number of hand-made CDRs with her own touch of knitted fabric pouches. She has two tracks on the 2XCD Tarantula Hill Benefit (Ecstatic Peace E#107), one with Baltimore’s Nautical Almanac who have been championing Leslie’s work for years now. We are only too happy to release this premier full-length LP of Leslie’s demonstrating where she’s been and where she’s going. More releases are coming: an Ecstatic Peace cassette limited edition with Leslie performing live one side with Thurston Moore in Columbus, Ohio and the other with Kim Gordon in Easthampton, Massachusetts. And then the 12″ dance noise jammer. That’s when the party f*cking hits! Beware. Cover painting by Adriane Schram. Comes with double-sided laser printout insert. 500 copies.”