MATT WESTON - a new form of crime LP, 7272Music




“For this project, over a 16 year period, Weston snuck into (or otherwise gained access to) concert and athletic buildings when they were not in use in order to take advantage of the unique sonic qualities of each space for recording. In addition to several collegiate basketball arenas, a few concert halls were also accessed. A quick getaway from one space, Chicago’s Symphony Hall, was necessitated after Weston was discovered by a security guard. This resulted in the accidental recording of Weston’s footsteps down a staircase, which appears on the track “Under The Rifle Sights Of Snipers.” For “We Want You To Panic” the sound of cars driving over a bridge in rural upstate New York was scored by Weston, who assembled drivers late at night and, through flashlight signals, “conducted” the drivers. The above methods, and many others, were incorporated into Weston’s notation systems in which site-specific installations are merged with predetermined and/or instantaneously-realized multi=dimensional graphic scores.”