MIRROR / DASH - i can't be bought CD, Three Lobed




“Unlike Mouthus, Mirror/Dash greets us quietly with no sound until just barely the stillness is broken by a string, tentative and earnest. The piece is like Mouthus, a spiritual exploration of ecstasy. Only this one is far away. It is Eastern and mystical. As a voice moans gently over the string, a dance has begun; an homage to the mysterious dervishes of Sufi Islam. Dervishes are known for their ritual dance that, while ordered and definite crescendos into a wild spin and returns back again to quiet and stillness. Mirror/Dash is the creation of Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore. Kim’s voice seems to creep up next to the listener, singing of a journey in the natural world while the music never allows her to truly become a part of that world. She remains ethereal and translucent like a veil. The voice like the Sufi does not impose itself on the forces of the world but uses its movements to meditate on and become a part of those forces. This disc overall is the experience of becoming integrated.”