MOCHIZUKI HARUTAKA - muse ni CDR, Volcanic Tongue




“Brand new release on Volcanic Tongue, the long-awaited new album by free Japanese saxophonist, pianist and vocalist Mochizuki Harutaka, his first ever non-Japanese release. Pressed in a run of 121 hand-numbered copies, the disc is packaged in card fold-out sleeves with obi strip, stamped inners, printed discs and inspired liners from Mr Dan Ireton aka Dredd Foole. Two piano/vocal tracks bookend three excruciatingly nuanced alto sax performances where he draws on the whole Abe/Urabe/Gustafsson school of overwhelmingly physical reed traumatism in order to mint a new, personally lucid energy-language that incorporates phantom register shrieks, sudden, lung-rending bellows and long passages of silent prayer. The two piano and vocal performances seem drawn from a parallel spirit-pot, referencing both the death-decadent atmosphere of Lou Reed’s Berlin recordings and the torch songs of Scott Walker, Jacques Brel, Jandek and Baby Dee across a series of emotional, high-wire performances that match spare piano melodicism with frail-to-the-point-of-collapse vocals and beautiful unarmoured song. A truly singular disc, a portrait of a soul and – according to Harutaka himself – his best to date. We’re proud as all hell to release this. Highly recommended.”