MONOTRACT - pagu LP, Public Eyesore




“Pagú is the latest affront to electronic music by knob-twiddling and button-punching noisicians Monotract from Miami, Florida. Using harsh electronic beats and bleets, ringing synthetic noise-tones, turntable abuse, and manipulated tapes as weapons, Monotract attack with agile precision and impressive ferocity. The results are a devastating mindfuck. Devoted as I may be when I drop the needle, I’ve only managed to listen to it in its entirety in one sitting a couple of times out of maybe ten attempts. It hurts my head and I think it’s giving me an irregular heartbeat. It’s like taking a beating. To follow this simile a bit further: much as two fighters earn each other’s respect over the course of a grueling bout, Pagú has earned mine.” – Edward McElvain