MV & EE WITH THE GOLDEN ROAD - drone trailer CD, DiCristina




“Orbiting the earth in Vermont is Matt “MV” Valentine, once the brawn of the Tower Recordings, and Erika “EE” Elder, CEO of Heroine Celestial Agriculture and The MV & EE Medicine Show. Together with their dog Zuma, they run the Child of Microtones library of exploratory music–sometimes their own lunar blues, sometimes finger-picking-style noise/space, sometimes lonesome frontier folk. MV & EE have landed at the DiCristina Building bearing Drone Trailer, featuring The Golden Road: Doc Dunn (pedal steel, guitar, harmony), Mike Smith (bass, fender rhodes, harmony), and James Anderson (drums, engineer). You may recognize these names as part of MV & EE’s touring band when they scorched across New England and the Rust Belt en route to Terrastock this past June. Drone Trailer is a consolidation of the previous musical high-life of the duo’s space shanties for the 21st century. In other words, MV & EE explore their unique mix of lunar raga and astral string band music, with a couple deep-space burners/covert jams such as opening blast “Anyway” thrown in to bust it all open. Nobody is gonna mind if they hear a little Crazy Horse and prime-era Dead here as well! The Golden Road will be living it all this autumn and winter, touring the US and overseas. Stop by and say howdy, and be sure to set up some mics.”