NO NECK BLUES BAND - qvaris CD, 5 Rue Christine




“The Harlem-based No-Neck Blues Band have been a well-loved if obscure fixture in the avant-folk and neo-psychedelic scenes for over a decade now, but unfortunately, the accolades thrust on the group (late folk legend John Fahey once named them as his favorite band) have been matched only by the unavailability of the vast majority of their albums. With ‘Qvaris,’ however, that’s all about to change. The band’s first release on the venerable 5RC label, ‘Qvaris’ finds the band’s exploratory improvisation at its most lucid, combining tense and diseased grooves with primal guitar squalls and a palpable sense of modern dread. Uncompromisingly dedicated to their own fevered vision, No-Neck Blues Band both demand a close listen and reward it. Fans of Excepter (who feature ex-NNCKer John Fell Ryan), Sightings, and Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice take notice.” “Improvisation, over time, yields access to substratum vistas of altogether unseen colouration. This is characteristic of a place in which our music occurs. It may be heard simultaneously here on earth, it may be heard now in the future in surround-sound, DVD audio, via light pipe, etc. But due to its place of origin, it reaches us here without translation, solely as echoes sounding from an immaterial world. Not unlike the radio dish tuned into Space, hoping to catch some intergalactic communique, we’ve assumed responsibility for broadcasting the atmosphere surrounding the other intelligences combined among us. There is a psychic constituency from which any hierarchy taking responsibility for the conveyance of the unseen is drawn. And much has been done to co-opt and commodify such conveyance as to deliberately mingle its allure with intentions and agendas of this world. What results is a powerful controlling current. One which, if harnessed with precision, can create personality, replace consciousness, become existence at its receiving end. This pull, this energizing current has permeated much of the imagination, establishing ever increasing common ground betwixt folksexperiencing–and beginning to recognize-unreality. NNCK follows suit. So here, undiluted and without an accompanying agenda, is Qvaris for it’s own sake. A slice of life, though not necessarily human life. It is finding your mind as we speak. When a moment is hanging on the edge you must be listening. Listen now for the Difference and the Sameness. They are near.”