OWL XOUNDS - teenagers from mars LP, Mad Monk




“We here at Mad Monk have been fans of Adam Kriney’s many projects over the past few years and feel deeply honored to offer the vinyl debut of his long-running fucked-jazz unit Owl Xounds (formerly OWL SOUNDS). Taking their psychedelic rhyhmic core of drummer Kriney (LA OTRACINA/BLIZZARDS/RUST IONICS/CASTANETS/THE PLACES) and upright bassist Gene Janas (Screamin Jaw Hawkins/Bern Nix’s SEDITION ENSEMBLE) to any reedsman up for the challenge, the boys explode it all with Austrian sax-ist Mario Rechtern, who has been invlolved with free-music since the late 60’s playing in the REFORM ART UNIT (with Sunny Murray, Linda Sharrock, & Leena Conquest) and more recently as a guest in the Weasel Walter QUARTET/SEXTET/TRIO. Truly and honorably a post-ESP expression, it is much a post-SST expression. While the instrumentation and framework are a staple of the jazz/improvisaion tradition, the directions and velocities at which OWL XOUNDS exist are just as informed of the worlds of hardcore/punk and experimental noise. Citing the MISFITS as the most important band in his musical education, drummer/leader Kriney always felt the connection between the punk he grew up on and the free-jazz he became aware of later in life, the energy, the volume, the commitment, and most importantly the UNDENIABILITY of them both! And similarly the ostracism of the two is not to be ignored, being an outsider, the alienation from popular music, from popular culture, and from everyone around who just ‘didn’t get it’ were also of significance. It is with these considerations that this LP was named, for after all, from Albert Ayler to Thurston Moore to Glenn Danzig to Kawabata Makoto to Peter Brotzmann, ‘they’ and ‘we’ are all Teenagers From Mars, and we don’t care!”