PAINTING PETALS ON PLANET GHOST - painting petals on planet ghost CD, Time-Lag




“digital version of the out of print lp….debut recording from italy’s opalio brothers (my cat is an alien) and ramona ponzini. an esoteric and mesmerizing trip through space, minimalism, and emotion. each track recorded at a different mystical location in the western alps, and centered around ramona’s beautiful vocals, all of which are sung in traditional japanese. maurizio & roberto add sparse accompaniment by means of toy piano, alien keyboard tones, antique accordion, percussion, tape effects, and some particularly evocative acoustic guitar. the whole thing comes off alternately as deeply meditative or chillingly haunted, depending on your attention & mood. silence, space & ritual are hugely important here, with notes & words hovering frozen in time… while the my cat is alien moniker might leave some folks scratching their heads, here the painting petals on plant ghost name nails it : fragile, beautiful, cosmically isolationist, and totally spooked….lushly packaged in a mini version of the original lp packaging, with letterpress printed tri-fold cover. printed with copper ink on exquisite & massively thick handmade ivory art paper, each sheet cast one at a time & air dried.”