PARASHI - tape from oort cloud LP, Skell




“SEDIMENTAL is honored to partner with SKELL to release the latest majestic work from Mike Griffins PARASHI: tape from oort cloud. Griffin has honed a cryptic aesthetic over the years: a type of noisy hermeticism in which elegance and refinement are fused to intense, sonically disparate noise-based electronics and sound sources. Over the two sides and four tracks Griffin conjures up complex, heavy, and nuanced narrative terrain that triggers buried images and emotions. Though PARASHI is a very specific solo project, Griffins active involvement in the Albany scene (both locally and with others) and its voracious collaborative nature for all things musically intense informs his seasoned approach. Nothing is precious but what remains is essential. For SEDIMENTAL, this is our first vinyl project since OLIVIA BLOCKs Karren (2012) and marks our 48th release since our inception in 1992. For SKELL, this is our first vinyl release. Edition of 200 copies.”