PHANTOM FAMILY HALO - the legend of black six LP, Black Velvet




“Debauche hedonism a la early 1970s rock… a party album for excavating your libido. Krautrock lock grooves give way to full throttle Alice Cooper/Black Sabbath moves but mid-tempo Scott Walker fronting early Roxy Music is closest to the core; with occassional flickers of Tangerine Dream synth-glaciers and Marc Bolan bare-bones. Dominic Mario Santo Cipolla also sings in Dead Child (Venom/Judas Priest veined metal band with David Pajo on guitar; ep forthcoming) and plays drums and sings some with Sapat (forthcoming LP/CD on Siltbreeze). Phantom Family Halo guitarist Michael McMahan was also a touring member of the Slint Reunion band and founding member of The For Carnation along with his older brother Brian McMahan. Vinyl only silk-screened first edition.”