PICKS & LIGHTERS - picks & lighters CD, Ecstatic Yod




“Picks & Lighters were a Knoxville, TN combo who come to us straight out of 1999. Because of fate’s vagaries, their time is gone. Everyone missed and ignored the boat they offered us, and we were all left floating, lonely, in a sea of our own shit. Until now. We truly don’t understand how this one got by us upon its initial release, but it did. Picks & Lighters even released a beautiful vinyl record to make sure we wax lovers gave them a chance, no dice though. Their cries of creation fell upon deaf ears; for a good while, anyway. Now, here we are in the year 2006, and there is finally enough time of give some love to the Picks & Lighters crew. So here’s a re-release — with proper jewel case packaging — of their genius S/T CD from 1999. Their music combines all sorts of parts including (but not exclusive to) Royal Trux, universal Siltbreeze sounds, Rolling Stones feedback loops, American Primitive volk guitar, Boogie Rock, lo fi form-scrumble, etc. It ‘s a motherfuckin’ shame this went unnoticed in 1999, but maybe now we can right some wrongs, change the world, and float a boat or two. Cause you know what Thurston Howell says — there’s always room for another yacht.”