PINK REASON - cleaning the mirror CD, Siltbreeze




“Pink Reason is always Kevin DeBroux and practically never anyone else. The self-released Pink Reason debut seven-inch from 2006 was an itch of such beguiling psychic ache that all the inhabitants of Siltbreeze Island scratched it until they bled. On this first full length, the resident of Green Bay, Wisconsin, continues to ooze muzzy melancholia by the bucket, ably and formidably clearing house in Sanguine Manor, whose previous tenants include Royal Trux, The Jacobites, Phantom Payne, Black Vial, and other marginal inhabitants whose sticky fingers glimmer in stoned adulation. Dominated by creeping synths, stark strums and rickety percussive splats that complement De Broux’s heartscraping vocal catharsis, Cleaning The Mirror journeys far beyond any known perspective, practically insinuating an alternate otherworld where Tim Buckley’s Lorca and Jandek’s Ready For The House have been hybridized into a ripe-for-plucking masterpiece. Or, shunning hyperbole in favor of acronym, Pink Reason’s modern day DIY is very FYI that you should check out PDQ. Look for Pink Reason live via land, sea and air throughout 2007.”