PRURIENT / STILLBIRTH - the mirror of purification 7", Semata Productions




“The first in a new series of split vinyl releases on Semata, we are proud to present The Mirror of Purification. Those expecting brutal no-future power electronics will not find it here; instead, you’ll find a work that will non doubtingly confound and bewilder – we wouldn’t want it any other way. Both sides thematically linked from months of communication, what we have here are two artists stepping out of their comfort zones. The first vinyl release for Stillbirth (Perispirit, ex-Craniopagus) this material is the unfolding progression from the last Hospital and Jugular Forest tapes. Complex guitar work, tape manipulation, shortwave radios and clever synth leads give ‘The View Untangled’ an almost musique concrete feel at times – melodies occasionally piercing through the static and blown out amplifier fog. A highly unique voice and one to watch out for. Prurient’s ‘Where Secrets are Guarded’ brings forth new techniques in the Prurient sound. Melodic vocals mix in with pitch shifted dialogue, spiraling synth lines and what sounds like small metal objects being joggled about or computer keyboards being typed on frenetically. Harmonic shapes take form within the electro-acoustic mist underlining this exceptional text. A work that deems repeat listening. Two innovative artists at the top of their game, paving the way – there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Edition of 500: randomly mixed colored vinyl cut at 45 RPM with printed labels – Housed in a pro printed gluepocket sleeve. Artwork by Dominick Fernow.”