RICARDO DONOSO - zerovinteum 7", Semata Productions




“More known for his percussion work in avant-metal unit Ehnahre, his deconstructed approach to the drums in The Epicureans and his electronic work in noise/drone champions Perispirit, Zerovinteum is Ricardo Donoso’s debut solo release. An homage to The Marvelous City and its duplicity, the music, although bright eyed and hopeful simultaneously treads with a sinister undercurrent of desolation and longing. The title track was generated primarily with an electric guitar, along with some tapes, contact mics and analog synths. Hot and sunny tonal passages infiltrate the murk of tape hiss and ambiguous guitar resonance only to get lost again in the bleak New England winter – the sexuality of Carnaval. The B side ‘Plate Fourteen’, is an experiment in minimalism – amplified cymbals shift to form micro-tonal structures of a doom laced angelic drone – the yearning for home. Edition of 300: black vinyl with printed labels housed in a proprinted fold-over sleeve with double sided 6×4 insert.”