ROB NOYES / ALEXANDER - split 7", C/Site Recordings




“Solo acoustic guitar music has certainly had a little time in the sun lately – and with fine players sprouting and blossoming, why not? On this split single two of America’s finest come together for an exhilarating and cerebral affair. Still fresh off the tide fanfare from 2016’s all-too limited “The Feudal Spirit” LP on Poon Village, Rob Noyes brings a breakneck paced, attention demanding number to his side. Noyes’ finger work is stunning and his style fills space with a particular density and heaviness. Entrancing and hypnotic passages give way to powerful melodies. And the melodies sparkle through – clear and soaring, as spellbinding as they are soothing to the ears. Alexander has been quietly amassing a sizable catalog of miniature press cassettes over the past few years. Many of those cassettes have brought to mind the work of Alan Bishop (as Alvarius B), in their homespun, over-before-it-started improvisational style. However, on this split a different side of Alexander is on display, as he eases into a coy and sentimental tune that unwinds across five and a half minutes. Deceptively quick while still allowing the air to breathe between the notes, Alexander’s keen grasp of both intricacy and minimalism cement him as a top player in a time of heavyweights. A preview of what promises to be one of the most compelling albums of the year. Limited to 300 copies with hand stamped labels.”