RUST IONICS - moving / pictures LP, Colour Sounds Recordings




“”Moving/Pictures” marks the first vinyl release on Colour Sounds Recordings, and drummer Adam Kriney declares “This is the most insane record I’ve ever recorded”, nuff said? A black sheet of improvised sonic skull-fuckery from the depths of the most mind-splitting free-noise/brutal-jazz movement, brought to you by the ad-hoc first/only recording of RUST IONICS, the trio of freak drummer Adam Kriney (OWL XOUNDS/LA OTRACINA), electric guitar wizard Doug Theriault (OFFICE PRODUCTS/DUAL, collab-er with Wally Shoup/Jeph Jerman/Brian Eubanks), and extreme sax-ist Ed Chang (DUAL/SPIN-17/AGENTS At MIDNIGHT, collab-er with Marshall Allen/Ravi Padmanabha). Full on grindcore/metal scapes clashed with fiercely extended saxaphone use and a dynamic whirl of free-improvisational magic, all together a blinding force, a drugged memory, and a leave-no-survivors presense. Comes on transparent blue vinyl in a limited edition of 311 copies in recycled re-painted each-one-of-a-kind hand-made 12” covers. Recommended for fans of BORBETOMAGUS, Keiji Haino, PAINKILLER, and Peter Brotmann’s more extreme work. (Dig the RUSH spoof/tribute album title!).”