SAM ESH & HARD BLACK THING - montezuma baby duck LP, Siltbreeze




“Esh is the member of the Columbus underground musical mafia who remains the least well-known practitioner of these lost arts. This despite the fact he has had material issued under his own name. First was the Jack of Diamonds cassette on the Old Age/No Age label (a couple of those tracks are reprised here), then there’s this LP, recorded partly with the band he was in at the time — Hard Black Thing. The Hard Black Thing side is amazing — “real person” bar blues with a guy singing in an alien language while the combo tries to channel the sound of the Mascara Snake getting his tongue scraped. The Jack of Diamonds tracks are stripped to single chord guitar strumming + vocal geyserism that are gonna make me start searching through some of my old cassette boxes for more tastes. The remainder was recorded for Sam’s as-yet-unreleased comedy LP, which sounds like something David Greenberger might have recorded for Duplex Planet. Yikes, what a record! Label art by Shadow Ring’s Graham Lambkin is just icing on a very tall cake.” – Byron Coley