SCARCITY OF TANKS - fear is not conscience CD, Total Life Society




One of two albums released simultaneously, recorded at Phantom Center, Brooklyn, during the summer of 2011 with DON GODWIN. Heavies from NECKING, ONEIDA, THE ELECTRIC EELS, BORBETOMAGUS and THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS abound: NICK LESLEY (guitar), KID MILLIONS (drums), JOHN MORTON (guitar, theremin), JIM SAUTER (saxophone), WEASEL WALTER (bass), MATTHEW WASCOVICH (vocals), Don Godwin (keyboards, backing vocals). “The only constant for morphing outfit Scarcity Of Tanks is singer-lyricist Matthew Wascovich … [who is] steeped … in the rich post-punk history of his home city. Each of his songs bears Cleveland’s meld of working-class punk and dada-inflected art – the same twisted strand that connect[s] the Mirrors and the Styrenes, Electric Eels and Pere Ubu, and Death of Samantha and Guided by Voices…. [Scarcity of Tanks’] strident, noise-leaning rock … swirls around Wascovich’s skewed cadence. His voice bears the influence of speak-yell singers like [Saccharine Trust’s Jack] Brewer and Slovenly’s Steve Anderson, urgent and pointed despite his words’ abstraction…. There’s something harder and heavier about these albums; where previous songs could loosen to the point of collapse, here everything tends toward taut and rigid…. [W]hen they detonate guitar fireworks during “Slut’s Rut,” or slip distortion in between beats on “Another Chance,” the brute slam is more moving than the outward-bound discordance. This effect climaxes on “Tread on You,” which trades woozy noise and muscular rhythm like Fun House-era Stooges.” — Marc Masters