SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE - compathia CD, Holy Mountain




“While the ‘acoustic based project[ions]’ of Six Organs of Admittance have been pigeonholed by some as a chance-operated celestial jam unit, the group has always been about songs, and nowhere is this more apparent than on their fourth full length album, an eight-song cycle that mixes the strengths of Ben Chasny’s acoustic and electric guitar with his knack for placing this on top of disparate and subtle atmospheric backgrounds. The live favorite (and rare single) ‘Somewhere Between’ has been redone and finalized in a fantastic new version featuring sitar by Comets on Fire’s Ethan Miller. The delicate acoustic strum of the album is challenged at the end of the record on the epic ‘Only the Sun Knows,’ which features some extremely heavy ‘electric destruction guitar’ from Mr. Miller before Chasny takes back control and lands the album on solid ground.”