SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE - for octavio paz CD, Holy Mountain




“CD reissue of sold-out limited edition vinyl. Since the release of Six Organs of Admittance’s self-titled debut in 1998, Ben Chasny has played pure guitar within individual songs, but For Octavio Paz is his first full record to explore the guitar inside and out, solo and over-dubbed, steel and nylon string (in fact, For Octavio Paz is the first Six Organs album to feature the reverberations of a nylon string guitar). What really sets Chasny apart from the other modern Fahey worshippers is that Chasny’s pantheon is willing to accept a wider array of other guitarists into the lexicon — Peter Walker or Richard Youngs, for example — not to mention the fact that he can stand the sound of a Stratocaster. This is the definitive guitar record from Six Organs of Admittance.”