SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE - six organs of admittance CD, Holy Mountain




“Rare 1998 LP reissued on CD with two rarer bonus tracks, all on CD for the first time. In 1998 Ben Chasny self-released an LP of his ‘acoustic based project[ions]’ under the name Six Organs of Admittance. The resulting five-song LP is a masterpiece of diverse elements using acoustic and electric guitars, a detuned violin, organ, electronics and koto. The material covers a lot of ground: there’s an acid folk duet, an epic, three-part space suite, and two short concrète-like pieces that entice hidden memories of having bees in your mouth. The final sting is the magnificent chaos of ‘Race from Visnu’ — a nine-minute raga in which the strings of the acoustic guitar are battled by Chasny who ruthlessly punishes them for their ability to make sound.”